Rome , Rach and Ryder

Hello friends!!

This is where I’m meant to tell you how arty and sensitive I am. How I see things from a different perspective than most and I really like to be one with my camera and surroundings blah, blah, blah.I won’t put you through that sort of thing I promise.

I’ve been doing this (shooting photos) for over a 15 years now and have enjoyed every second of it, even when I forget to put film in the camera , or these days, a memory card.
I reside on the Gold Coast, where I live with my beautiful Wife Rachel, who is an extremely awesome girl, and son , who is really good at this one ipad game called traffic-rush (he’s only 2 , give him a break)
I’ve taken photos all around Australia, for many different reasons and of many different faces and places.

I have had what some would call a ”hectic” last few years in which I met my Wife, knocked her up ,had a little boy and married her, which is the good part, but also found out I had a tumour the size of an orange in my head and had to have brain surgery 3 days later, followed by 6 months of chemo and radiation which wasn’t so awesome. I was able to , with the help of my family, friends and doctors get rid of the cancer for a couple of years and slowly recover . Unfortunately in the last few month my tumour has reared its ugly head again , so the fight is back on.

Feeling so much more “onto it” this time around , we’ve been able to learn and find out a-lot more about my condition and were back fighting , just this time going a bit more of a natural way, rather than poisoning myself with cheemo again.

So thats our world right now , its defiantly a busy one but were confident were going to kick this cancer in the balls ounce again and get back on track. I’ve been shooting a lot of photos again, skate photos when all the moons align and one of the skaters actually has a licence.

I’ve also been focusing a lot more on modeling and fashion photography while just staying positive and trying to enjoy life. None of which I would of been able to do, if it wasn’t for all my amazing friends and family who have helped me and Rach so much in the last few years.

The expansion of what i shoot has been exciting.  I’m not just laying in a cold dirty ditch getting hit by flying skateboards these days which has been great. i sometimes shoot shoes with no feet in them and skinny young models that dont get my shitty jokes, so its all going pretty good besides that pesky little tumour thing.

I’ve been pretty lucky to of married a smart broad like my wife, who is very clever at lots of things and helps me re-think things before i jump into them with out a thought, though sometimes we like to do that too.

I’m also a Gemini and like long walks and the beach at sunset and listening to the soothing sounds of Phil Collins, NWA and Slayer.

Just kidding, I don’t like walking for very long at all, just seeing if you actually have read this far.

So there you go, bet you just expected to read some boring old resume huh? Nope , not in this family.

If you need to know anything about myself or my photos,  please feel free to contact me.
I usually don’t answer peoples calls or emails unless they are really good looking, just warning you all, someone like myself cant mess with Riff Raff now can i?

Hope you all have a great day and remember, you don’t win friends with salad.

love and kisses

Your Friend and local Sherpa

Rome Torti